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Meet Pudge, a young and uniquely beautiful merle pocket American Bully boy puppy. Pudge is a special bundle of contradictions. Despite being a bit of a lazybones, he is undoubtedly the cutest puppy you'd ever lay eyes on. His merle coat is a mesmerizing swirl of colors, making him stand out in a crowd. Pudge has an innate ability to charm everyone he meets with those soulful eyes and his relaxed demeanor. Even though he enjoys long naps, when he does decide to play, his personality shines through as he becomes the heart and soul of the family, reminding them that happiness could come in the form of a super lazy, irresistibly cute, and personality-packed puppy.



Pudge will be up to date on his vaccinations and received as well as ears cropped (unless potential buyer prefers not) as well as her ABKC registry paperwork. He is also available as "pet home" only as well which would exclude his ABKC paperwork and would result in a reduce in his asking price. For any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to contact me. For more updates please feel free to check out my Instagram page @Gofetchkennels2.0 as well as my Tiktok @GoFetchkennels

Brown Tri Pocket Merle Male

Color: Brown Tri Merle
  • We call her Serena. Serena is an adorably cute and super sweet tri-colored American Bully. Currently, she is available and looking for my forever family! Serena is ABKC registered. 

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